Reviewing on Manifold

Thank you for taking the time to review a publication on Utrecht University's Manifold Publishing platform! Your input and feedback are greatly appreciated and help foster a collaborative environment for scholarly discussion. To begin the reviewing process, please follow the steps outlined below.

Create an account

If you haven't already, kindly navigate to the top right corner of the Manifold Publishing website, click on the profile icon and then click "Need to sign up?" Fill in the necessary information to create your account.

Image showing where the login button is on the top right

Manifold Login Screen

Manifold Sign up Screen

Access the publication

Once your account is set up, locate the publication you wish to review. You can browse through the available publications or search for a specific title or topic.

Picture showing an available project

Read online

Click on the publication you want to review, and you will be directed to its online reading interface. This interface provides a convenient way to access the publication's content and engage with its authors.

The landing page for a manifold project, highlighting the read online button

Provide comments

As you read through the publication, you can highlight specific sections of text that you would like to comment on. Simply select the desired text and a comment box will appear. Press "Annotate", type your comment into the box and submit it. Be sure to keep "Public Comments" selected, otherwise the authors will not be able to see your comments.

Popup you see when selecting a piece of text while logged in on manifold

Annotation form

Engage in dialogue

The authors of the publication will have the opportunity to read your comment and respond to it. This enables a dynamic exchange of ideas and allows for a deeper understanding of the work.

Reply to an annotation

Finalize your review

Once you have provided all the necessary comments and engaged in any relevant discussions, your review is complete. Feel free to explore other publications or continue participating in conversations on the platform.

That's it! By following these steps, you can effectively review a publication on the Manifold Publishing platform and contribute to the scholarly dialogue within the community. Thank you once again for your valuable input.

Learn more

These instructions are all you need to get started with reviewing manuscripts on Manifold. If you want to learn more about Manifold and how to use it, you can find Manifold's full documentation and user guide on their website.